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Elisha's Mantle

below are some links to our guest book and other good sites!

  • Sword of the Spirit Healing Ministries! Pastor Jack Valentino, a man who is truly annointed and called out!
  • Elijah House International, John and Paula Sanford
  • SEE OUR AWARDS PAGE(also submit your site for an award!!)
  • KOOLMOVES.COM powerful flash animation software!
  • The North Georgia Outdoorsman!
  • Bill dance,bloopes from the fishin show! Funny stuff( New) March 2006
  • Encourager Linda Flagg, M.A., BCPCLC
    Board Certified professional Christian Life Coach
  • A Gallery of Rose pictures you can share, use them as background on desktop, or in your websites or just enjoy!
  • A website I made for rosarians and beginners alike, rose Gardening.
  • NEW my YOUTUBE Louis Woods Native American Flute.
  • Sign our guest book! (Click on the Swordsman below he is the link to Guest Book)

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