Elisha's Mantle Healing Ministries:

Is a ministry started by Myself under the authority of Jack and Sharon Valentino. They have been ministering in this discipline since 1985 They are the Founders of "Sword of the Spirit Healing Ministries Inc."
What started as a passion to help someone else find the freedom they had found. God has grown Sword of the Spirit into a full time ministry.
Jack and Sharon started a school in 1999; sword of the Spirit Healing and Prayer Deliverance Ministries.
The first year the class Graduated 30+ students. this years class is over 60+ students.
Jack is a wonderful Minister, Teacher, Preacher, allowing the Spirit of God to lead his Life, he has helped hundreds of wayward souls back onto paths of righteousness for the cause of Jesus Christ.....Of which I am one.

My Name is LWood.

I met Jack in late 1997. Broken and spilled out, my life was on the fast track to destruction. A believer in Jesus Christ and a regular Church member, I lived a double life. Addicted to illegal drugs, and the life style that goes along with that.
I kept it a secret from my family and church friends. Praying to God to deliver me from my addiction over and over again.
After several failed attempts to stop using, after losing my job, and my Family falling apart,
I cried out why won't God help me!
When the student is ready the teacher will appear..........

I could guess what you might be thinking....
He really did not want to stop
But, I did ..only I could not.
Sword of the Spirit Healing Ministries inc. taught me why I did the things I did, so I could Stop doing them.
Today by the Grace of God I am Free...
Free to choose.....
Free to Love and give to my family that which I had never known, the Love of a Father.
I want to share with you the truths that help me understand me. My prayer is that you can get what I received,.. Freedom.
Father God, open our hearts to your revelation from your word, and cause our Spirits to be "AWAKE."
Fix us were we are broken, and forgive us as we forgive ... in Jesus Amen

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