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A Prayer for releasing Trauma from the Spirit, Soul, and Body

Lord Jesus, I ask that you would come as the Prince of Peace and bring Peace to ______.

Come and establish your dominion of peace in him/her and manifest yourself in such a way that ______ will know that you are here, and allow him/her to feel the depths of your love.
I ask that you rebuke any forces of darkness that seek to harm _____ in any way, or have tried to keep him/her locked in this prison of trauma.

You have not given ______ a spirit of fear, but of love, power and soundness of mind, and that is what I claim for him/her today.

As we pray, I ask that you would be as a poultice, and draw from _____ all the pain, trauma, shock, fear, terror and shame, bringing it all to death on your cross. You suffered and died for _____and we appropriate all that you accomplished for him/her.

Pour in your love and grace and by the power of the Holy Spirit remove any traumatic memory that has been stored in the cells of ______ ‘s body and restore the cells to perfect order and vibration.

Lord I bless the very moment the egg and the sperm came together and _____ came to be. I bless the conception and every moment that ______ was in his/her mother’s womb. Holy Spirit I ask that you brood over the original DNA and restore all vibrations, frequencies, tones and colors within ______ and remove anything that is not of you.

Heavenly Father, I ask that you remove any trauma experienced in the womb; absorbed from the womb; or passed down through the generations, I ask that You would heal the very DNA and remove all shock, trauma, fear, terror and shame that has come through his/her generational flow.
Together we plant the cross of Jesus Christ firmly between_____ and his/her generations and ask that all iniquity be stopped at the cross of Christ. Forgive those in his/her generations who traumatized others, or manipulated, dominated or controlled through fear and torment. Release your precious blood and heal all unresolved grief and pain.

_______, I bless your birth, and call you forth into newness of life. I say that you are welcome on this earth, There is a place for you here. Your heavenly Father has a purpose for you and a plan to give you a future and a hope; to prosper you in everyway.

Heavenly Father, bring your healing and please remove any shock , trauma, fear or terror that _____experienced in the birthing process or in the moments following and help him/her to fully embrace the life that you have given.

I ask You to come into _______’s conscious memory, unconscious memory and subconscious memory and remove all shock, trauma, fear, shame, and the pain that has caused so much torment.

Heal the Amygdala, and remove all shock, trauma, fear, terror and shame from the emotions.
I ask that you bring healing to the “fear center” of ______’s brain. Turn off the alarms that have been ringing for so long, and replace the fear, dread and hyper vigilance with godly discernment. Let him/her know when there is true danger and give him/her wisdom to know how to deal with it. Bring peace and rest to that part of _______’s heart that has always had to stand guard and be alert; remove any pervasive low-level anxiety. Heal the immune system and remove all toxins that remain from any chemicals or hormones that have poured through his/her body for so many years.

Heavenly Father, please remove the trauma from ______’s eyes and ears. Wash over any images “seared” upon the soul, with the blood of Jesus Christ. Remove the trauma from any words spoken and remove any dis-harmony, dis-ease, or dis-order that these words or images have caused. Sing your song of love over _______ and bring everything within him/her into agreement with your song and original design. In the name and by the Blood of Jesus Christ I prophesy order and healing; into your spirit, soul, and body.

Remove any trauma or shame that is associated with scent.
Remove any trauma from the skin.

Lord, trauma has shaken ______to the very core of his/her foundations, and I ask that you heal every crack with your love. Restore trust and the grace to believe in you and receive your promises, and to trust others.

I ask, Lord Jesus, that you would remove all shock, trauma, fear, terror and shame from the will and spirit of ______. Restore his/her will and strengthen it in every way.
I ask Lord Jesus, that you would remove all shock, trauma, fear, terror and shame from the muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones and bone marrow. Bring your healing power to every area where ______’s spirit has been crushed or broken, and restore health, vitality and vigor. Make his/her bones and connective tissues strong.

I ask that you would remove all shock, trauma, fear and terror off the organs of ______’s body. ( Ask the Lord to reveal any organs that you should pray specifically for.)

Lord, I ask that you would sever all fear bonds, trauma bonds, and all unhealthy and unholy soul ties that have been created through trauma.

I break every assignment of trauma against this person and bind and send away every “guard” assigned to ______. We receive and appropriate the love; power and soundness of mind that you have promised to give him/her.

Lord Jesus, bring to death any “old ways” of responding and reacting to shock, trauma, fear and terror. Dismantle the ungodly structures of defense and establish new neurological connections to the joy center. Rebuild within ______ new godly structures of defense based on scripture; trust in you; and true understanding of his/her spiritual authority as a daughter/son of the Most High God.

Fill every cell with your peace and healing grace. Displace any darkness with your light. Keep ______ in your perfect peace, especially in the night seasons and bring rest. Send heavenly hosts to guard ______ as he/she sleeps and quite him/her with your love.


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IMPORTANT:These sample prayers are not formulas; rather, they offer ideas and direction. Be led by the Holy Spirit, and use the substance of this prayer as a guide. Also, please acknowledge these prayers as sample narratives, in which gender-exclusive references are used as they would be used in a real situation. For this reason, some prayers are for a female and others for a male. All are interchangeable.

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