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A prayer to Forgive...

Lord, I don't know how to make forgiveness happen.
I can't cleanse my heart or change my feelings

I don't know how to trust, and I'm afraid to hold my heart open.
But today I'm making a choice to forgive.
I know I'll have to choose again and again

until You make forgiveness real and complete in me. Please God, give me the willingness and strength to persevere in choosing until forgiveness is accomplished in me by Your power.

I choose to forgive my father for.........
I choose to forgive my mother for........
Forgive in me all my sinful responses

Father, I let go of all resentments and bitternesses stored in my heart. Wash me clean. Forgive me for all condemning judgments I have made. Give me a new and right spirit within me that will enable me to hate sin but look with Your compassion and love upon the sinner.
Heal the wounded heart of the child within me.
Pour Your love in.
Bless those who wounded me.

Forgive me, Lord, for projecting my childish pictures in relation to parents onto You, and onto others, especially those I love.
Bring those pictures to death.
Bring my childish ways and expectations to death.
Let Your light shine into all the hidden places of my heart.
Enlighten the eyes of my heart, Lord, to see You and love You
as You really are,
and to walk in Your way.

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IMPORTANT:These sample prayers are not formulas; rather, they offer ideas and direction. Be led by the Holy Spirit, and use the substance of this prayer as a guide. Also, please acknowledge these prayers as sample narratives, in which gender exclusive references are used as they would be used in a real situation. For this reason, some prayers are for a female and others for a male.
All are interchangeable.

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